Agency Engagement Section




  • Accessing valuable documents & aids to help your agency engage with citizens you serve 
  • This repository is provided to your agency by Ten8Tech and is critical to conveying information about your deployment of this service for non-emergency incident reports


The Agency Engagement Section is available for the system administrators. Currently there is just a materials view; this will be built out in the next six months as we continue to deploy new accounts. We are in the midst of working with our publicity company and marketing companies to provide some content to the police agencies to communicate Case Service and the Case Number platform to the public, through some public service announcements for video, TV commercials, as well as radio and so forth.

What I will show you right now is how this works. When you have content here you can download it in the form of a PDF document, so when you click on that it will download the document for us or you can actually open the entire document here.  What you are going to see here when you are actually looking at this is content for your agency specific. I will say yes, save that. 

If we open this, this one is just a test document but basically it is going to open up in Adobe for you. When this is formatted correctly there are images and so forth on here, but again what this is doing is allowing us to upload marketing material for the police agency to communicate this solution and platform that you have invested money into to the public. You can communicate to the public that Case Service is available. is available to them and you can pull those resources here from the Agency Engagement Section.

We are going to move on to the next video. If you have any questions about Ten8Tech or support related issues, you can email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you real quick.

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